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I love these vids as much as I love all the vids I recced earlier, but I am tired and out of energy so I probably will not sound like I do. Also, the comments will be spectacularly inane. The vids are much better, I swear.

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I loved the diversity of this year's premieres -- in sources, in racial representation, in genre, in mood. I think it was the most light-hearted Premieres show in several years, with a greater sprinkling of comedy and light-hearted vids than has become usual.

I won't be commenting on every vid, not even every one I liked, and I hope to manage actual feedback on a lot more vids than I will be mentioning here. But these are my favorites, at least for today.

The Vividcon Shows Playlists, with links to online vids

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VVC 2010

Aug. 9th, 2010 06:10 pm
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Home! My left ear still has not popped.

My flight out got cancelled, so I missed all of Friday, including three panels I was excited about and most of Club Vivid and have still not seen any premieres except the Premieres show. (Which isn't even the majority of vids on the DVDs anymore! That is strangely awesome.) I am scouring the vividcon comm flist in hopes people will post notes. There was even more not-enough-time and not-getting-to-see-people than usual.

Friday, in-between fits of sulking about not being at Vividcon, I watched Dr. Who.

Brief thoughts on Dr. Who, not exactly squeeful but tending towards happiness )

So! I got to the con during Club Vivid and picked up my registration packet and cadged drinks from two separate people on the grounds that there was no wristband in my packet but I was sure I had paid for one. And indeed now that I have checked my email, I see that I was right. The Cosmo tasted like juice and the Tequila Sunrise also tasted like juice, but after the Cosmo I was mostly sober and after the Tequila Sunrise I was distinctly wobbly.

So then there was a con. Usually I am not quite burned out until I get to the Challenge and Auction vids, but this year I was burned out even before Premieres. Perhaps it was that I hadn't been able to get in vid-watching conditioning in Nearly New and Also Premiering the day before. Or perhaps it was that I was already in a state of vid aphasia on the two vids I'd been trying to work on, the kind of state where I not only can't think of what to do next, I can't tell if what I've done so far makes sense and I don't understand what makes you choose to put one clip next to the other and it feels kind of like I remember a few individual words but have lost the ability to understand or formulate English grammar. I can't read vids in that state, either, mostly. I let things wash over me and sometimes I laughed and sometimes I thought, "Oh, pretty," and mostly I enjoyed the lassitude of not attempting to understand or verbalize anything. It meant that I was strangely calm about being in the Premieres show for the first time -- I was convinced the entire day that I was just fooling myself that I was calm, and once it got closer to showtime I would tense up, and it got closer and it got closer and then it was part one of the show and then it was part two of the show, and then it was my vid and then it was over and I was still pretty calm. Last year in Nearly New I was a wreck, and that was for a vid that had already been out for nine months. From this I conclude that sloth is my friend and I should avoid alertness.

Now I will go watch my DVDs.
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[personal profile] hazelk, Notes to self: vid warnings at VVC
I like this because it considers both the benefit to people w/triggers who need warnings and the cost to people w/triggers for whom this compromises their efforts for self-protection.

[personal profile] impertinence, this is not a furious screed; it is a constructive post
This talks about the difference between an entire con selecting (or de facto being) "Choose not to warn" and individuals selecting "Choose not to warn," even if it's for their entire body of work.

I thought I'd seen a post that made the point that there are people with triggers who need warnings and people with triggers who need to not be required to warn, but all I can find is this thread at [personal profile] thingswithwings.
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[personal profile] arduinna has breakdowns for how she'd warn for vids in Premieres 2009 and vids voluntarily labeled by vidders for 2010. My breakdowns for the same vids are kinda different. So it seems like some clarification is in order, and I'd love to get some more details if people feel comfortable providing them; please don't feel compelled to answer! One of the most distressing things about this set of discussions has been the way people with disabilities have been forced to disclose personal information they clearly would have preferred not to, and I don't want to push that.

I'm turning on anonymous posting and turning off IP logging, if you prefer to comment anonymously.

Questions for peeps what get migraines

  • Can you describe in more detail what kind of "strobe lighting" triggers you? Are cop car flashers dangerous, flickering lights dangerous, slow strobes dangerous? If you have someone who knows your triggers well enough to judge, are they willing to provide an opinion on my vid Etheric Messages (additional warnings)? (If other people have vids with strobe lighting, please feel free to suggest them -- I'm not trying to get more viewers, it's just the vid I could think of offhand. ;)

  • For abrupt changes in audio, it's my impression that only extreme abrupt changes qualify, as from a whisper to a shout, but that both silence to loud music and the typical transition between softer verse and louder chorus are fine. Is this correct?

Questions for peeps what have violence triggers, and actually for peeps in general

  • Can you give some examples of what's acceptable violence and what's triggery violence? I'm thinking of things like, I consider slapping someone a violent act but I probably wouldn't check off "Violence" if there was just one emotional slap in an otherwise nonviolent vid. Does that fit with your expectation, or do you expect that to be labeled?

  • Do "explicit violence" and "graphic violence" convey different things to you, and if so, which one better applies to your triggers?

I don't actually care whether there's a lot of work created in having to label a lot of vids; I'm with [personal profile] lightgetsin that that's an ablist consideration. (Although she is more forgiving of the slippery slope argument than I am; I feel like arguing that labeling for triggers will lead to labeling for moral reasons is about as sound as arguing that gay marriage will lead to the legalization of bestiality.) But I do care about getting and providing a good understanding of what we expect each label to mean, just so they can work.
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I have three vids showing this year.

Content notes )

Please feel welcome to email me at thuviaptarth[at]gmail[dot]com if you need more information on vid contents. Although I choose not to warn in public for "Light of Day," I will be happy to answer individual questions about it.
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I've updated the list of common triggers based on commenter feedback; thank you, guys!

A few more links I like:

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What I would like implemented is [personal profile] such_heights's suggestion in the Vividcon Open Policy Suggestion Post. This is, that as a default the con makes available a list of vids which have common triggers (graphic violence, sexual violence, migraine/epilepsy triggers) for people who want it, online before the con and in a stack of 20-40 copies in the Con Suite during the con. The concom can also be contacted by individuals with other triggers and ask for a list tailored to that requirement.

What I like about this:

  • For some number of people, access becomes institutionalized -- the disability is incorporated into the model of likely default human abilities instead of treated as a one-off peculiarity that requires the person with disabilities to ask explicitly for help. People with less common triggers still need to ask for individual assistance, but I think that is unavoidable; as many people have remarked, it is not possible to be aware of every possible trigger.

  • People who do not have triggers but who prefer to be warned for those common triggers also have access to this information.

  • It provides more complete information than the distribution among vidders previously suggested, under which many vids would have the question mark label of "Choose not to warn".

  • People who feel that the program offers an adequate guide to triggering information can continue to manage their triggers as they have in the past. That is, this doesn't seem to interfere with the methods that some people with triggers are already satisfied with.

  • People who prefer not to be warned can easily avoid the warnings.

  • Vidders who prefer not to label their vids, even with "Choose not to warn," do not need take on the task of warning or not warning.

  • The compilation work for the most common triggers gets pulled together ahead of time, which seems a little more efficient than waiting for and answering individual requests as they come in and on an individual basis.

What I dislike about this:

  • I really liked the way making this a community project sort of normalized the idea of triggers and made them a default part of the community worldview and not an addendum. However, it's clear a lot of the community doesn't want them to be a default, and this way that section of the community aren't forced into something they dislike.

In the post itself, [personal profile] astolat suggests that all requests be sent to the Concom, who will respond to them individually.

What I like about this:

  • It provides a clear way for people to get personalized warning information. This may have been the con policy all along, but that has not been clear to people. It's a huge improvement just to have a clearly defined and reliable way to get the information.

What I dislike about this:

  • This is actually what I passionately hate about this. To be open with you, when I saw that line in the (generally vast improved! and clearly provisional!) revised policy statement, I burst into tears. As someone with clinical depression, there have frequently been times in my life when I have undergone great losses or suffered easily avoidable penalties because I could not bear the energy and emotional requirements of carrying on basic and simple human interactions. I don't (currently) have triggers, but I can easily imagine a situation in which it would be easier for me to suffer the anxiety of watching possibly triggery vids or the disappointment of not participating in major parts of the con than to have to put together the words of the email request and allow someone else to see my vulnerability, anonymous or not. It is an additional burden and it would feel like an additional stigma -- this is the another way I am not a normal person and am more effort than I'm worth and make trouble for everyone and don't deserve to live blah depressive thinking blah.

    In addition to requiring extra effort from someone who is more likely not to have much extra to give, there's the way this still positions the person with triggers as an isolated individual who is an extra burden. Psychologically, having to email would make me feel like I was asking for a favor, not making use of an access right.

    As I said above, I don't see a way to avoid putting some people with triggers into that situation. But I do see a way to make it fewer people than it would otherwise be.

    To be very clear, this is my individual take based on my personality, experience, and opinions about human psychology. It does not necessarily apply to other people with clinical depression or to people with triggers or to people who belong to both of those groups. It is possible I am projecting my feelings in a way that is inaccurate.

I am closing comments because I don't feel up to hosting discussion on this issue. There are ongoing discussions about this and other parts of the con accessibility policy at [personal profile] astolat's. There are discussions about trigger warnings here and here. Please check to see if discussion on this is currently open before you post; there have already been some requests for people to take a break for a cooling down period.

VVC links

Jun. 30th, 2010 11:34 pm
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I've been following discussion about the new Vividcon Background and Procedures. I'm really pleased with the response to concerns raised last year and this year; it makes me happy that people in my fannish communities are proactive about making fandom a better place for themselves and for others. I am sad that some people see the critiques as attacks or requests for perfection; I tend to think of them as ways to make good things better, or at least accessible to more people.

Personally I am psyched about the Newbie Dinner on Thursday, despite being an oldbie, because I am an oldbie who is scared of people and never meets half the people she has heard are coming even though it is a tiny con.

There are some discussions about warnings going on, to which I have nothing new to contribute and yet about which I wish to express myself anyway. Fortunately, I have this blog thing to be repetitive on.

Nothing new )

I have modified/updated what I'd like to see in a warnings policy.


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