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Jun. 22nd, 2010 10:09 am
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Wow, I am so behind that everyone has probably seen all of these, and my New Year's resolution to send more feedback lasted, like, six weeks. But at least this will remind me of what I've been watching.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
[ profile] cherryice, Tamacun
You will want a flying bison of your very own.

[ profile] cherryice, The Day the Air Turned Blue
Eerie, disorienting episodic vid for "Jacksonville."

[ profile] kiki_miserychic, The Dream and the Tunnel Pie House Rats
Dreamy episodic vid for "Brown Betty." I think it may have every single one of my favorite moments in the episode.

Legend of the Seeker
[ profile] bradcpu, Lightning Field
I love the feverish intensity of this, the obsessive longing of it, the sense that Kahlen is holy violence for Cara when all the violence she'd known before was unholy.

Star Trek
[ profile] heresluck, The Test
h.l. always make clarity look effortless, no matter how complex the ideas. I love the expansive feel of this, the wide shots of leaps and falls and horizons opening up.

[personal profile] lithiumdoll, Glittering Clouds (Locusts)
This blows me away. In SPN--and most SPN vids--the possessed are a presence that are an absence; they're right there, but we don't see them, we just see the demons. This vid makes the invisible obvious.

[ profile] newkidfan, Family Business
Well-constructed Dean/Castiel AU: Castiel is an assassin and Dean is the FBI agent hunting him down.

[ profile] still404ing, Until We Bleed
Gorgeous and heartbreaking envisioning of the alternate timeline in "The End."

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
[ profile] beccatoria, Howl
A Jesse vid that gets across how much Jesse is a fighter, how her past (the future) is the skeleton beneath the present's skin.
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Blame it on thinking about Nearly New.

Remasters with logo-free source and a larger option ("Etheric Messages") and color and timing corrections and that weird lighting glitch in the end credits fixed ("Vampire Diaries"). Also, I edited the credits to read "Festivids 2009" instead of "Festivids 2010" since majority opinion opted for the wrong former numbering scheme. Ahhhh, logo-free source, I love you! There really isn't that much difference in this particular case, because I was mostly using S1 (DVD) source and X-Logo worked well on the clearest clips, but it makes me happy anyway.

Title: Etheric Messages
Fandom: Fringe
Music: "Etheric Messages" by Natacha Atlas
Length: 2:08
Summary: The recruitment of Olivia Dunham
Download: 848x480 (40MB) | 640x360 (24MB) | Subtitles (2K)
Original post with additional notes.

Title: Names
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Music: "The First Time" by Rose Polenzani
Length: 1:00
Summary: Bonnie character study. My mother, and her mother before her.
Download: 640x360 (8MB) | Subtitles (2K)
Original post with additional notes. Streaming not updated because it's a pain.
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Vidding living shows with changing plotlines and seeing your vids kind of come true is so cool. I mean, that kind of happened with "Low Red Moon," but also kind of didn't and involved the grossly misogynistic death of one of my favorite characters after a retrofit that made her considerably less favorite, so it is still very new to me.

♥ ♥ ♥ !!!OLIVIA!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Also, the way it adds layers to your vids that were impossible to predict but make you look SO SMART AND FORESIGHTED is very gratifying to the vanity, even if it is coincidental.
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I have no cool title for you, sorry! Originally I just called this "Brief note on Fringe," but then it ended up not so brief.

There were all these things I wanted to say about Fringe while I was vidding and had to keep quiet, and now I have forgotten most of them. Next time I will take notes.

One thing I remember: The show, post-pilot, considerably de-glamorizes Olivia's looks--and, simultaneously, emphasizes her practicality. Anna Torv is still beautiful, of course, but she is much less prettified. The most striking example is the contrast between the make-up, costuming, and staging for Olivia's immersion in the isolation tank in the pilot vs. 109 "The Dreamscape":

Pictures )

In the pilot, Olivia is glammed up -- Anna Torv is clearly wearing make-up (and entirely artificial cheekbones), she is wearing a plain but sexy (and probably push-up) black bra that displays her breasts, her face is contained and deliberately inexpressive. When she lies back in the tank, it is gracefully and submissively. When Olivia prepares to enter the tank, we get shots of her disrobing and of her nearly naked body, and the preparations emphasize submission, vulnerability, and helplessness: Peter and Walter attach the instruments to her and inject her with drugs, and she is sedated so heavily she has to be held up by Peter and then assisted across the lab to the tank because she is unable to walk on her own.

In "The Dreamscape," by contrast, Olivia wears a concealing bathrobe during most of the preparation, she attaches some of the instruments to herself, and she protests with a visible and more human reaction of pain when she is injected; we see her stripped down to her underwear only at the point she enters the tank, and her bra is a sports bra, which does much less to showcase her breasts for someone else's gaze and much more to enable an FBI agent who spends a lot of unscheduled time running after suspects and performing unexpected athletic acts. When she lies back in the tank, her expression is more anxious, but also more determined; there is a lot more visible emotion.

I can come up with plausible character reasons for some of these changes... )
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Title: Etheric Messages
Fandom: Fringe
Music: Natacha Atlas, "Etheric Messages"
Length: 2:08
Recipient: [ profile] charmax for [ profile] festivids (original post)
Notes: Thank you to [ profile] counteragent, [personal profile] laurashapiro, and [personal profile] lithiumdoll for beta, and to [personal profile] nestra for assuring me I wasn't missing the beat and A. for providing the initial translation.

Summary: The recruitment of Olivia Dunham.

Note: This has been slightly revised since going up for [ profile] festivids.

Download: AVI 720x480 (69MB) | AVI 640x360 (30MB) | Subtitles (1K)

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