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[ profile] Blackeyedgirl, rooted, not adorning

She wants to go and explore each corner of the kingdom, into all the places where the earth withered and died. There was so much change, those years she was locked away, and a Queen would ride out and see it all, look into the dead lands and bring what light she could. But when she talks of it, after they bury the dead and after she is crowned, they act as though she has suggested something unthinkable. Why would she leave the safety of the castle to venture into the wilds of the forests and the mountains? They forget that this place was a prison to her longer than it was a home.


May. 31st, 2012 08:20 am
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[ profile] gdgdbaby, The days are just packed (Steve/Tony)
SHIELD plays paintball. Naturally, the Avengers form a temporary alliance.

[ profile] Amy, It Starts Out Like an A-Word (As Anyone Can See)
After the movie, the Avengers help clean up Sesame Street.

[ profile] kellifer_fic, Frankie Says Relax
Darcy Lewis, Avengers Initiative PA.

Steve's 21st century friends are weird
[ profile] hollimichele, the hip and the dead
Steve Rogers, Brooklyn hipster.

[ profile] Lady_Ganesh, Soft Skills
The Avengers introduce Steve to the 21st century.

[ profile] smilebackwards, Memorabilia
Steve replaces Coulson's vintage deck.
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Footprints, WIP, apparently going towards Steve/Tony but for now more or less gen. Steve's loneliness is palpable.
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Before I saw the movie, I was a little sad because I figured it would do all the work of creating the team bonding and also the Steve/Tony friendship*, as this is especially relevant to my interests, and then there would be fewer fic versions. So, although I would have loved to see more Joss doing character interactions, in a weird way I am really excited that there is still room for fandom to play in that particular area.


* I know, the movie has launched Tony/Bruce in a big way. But I have faith some fans will continue to fulfill my Steve/Tony needs. If people can get Steve/Tony out of Ultimates**, the movie should be a cakewalk.

** Ultimates wants you to ship Tony/Thor. Like, A LOT. I haven't seen anyone take up the invitation, though.

These are gen (sometimes with mention of canonical romances) unless otherwise noted.

Fic )

Vids )
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... not quite all Steve/Tony all the time, but close. All movie-verse for this set, although I have it so bad I've gone past reading comics fic and gotten into reading the comics themselves. This cannot possibly end well.

Pepper/Steve/Tony )

Team-Building )

Steve/Tony )

Steve/Tony UST )

Arc reactor trauma is the best trauma )

In which Phil Coulson is awesomely competent )


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