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Out of all the great Festivids I've watched so far, these are the ones that've stuck with me most:

Love God Herself (Bitch Planet)
You're So Beautiful (The Get Down)*
Tanz aus der Reihe (Ku'damm 56)*
A New Day (Luke Cage)
The Greatest (Pitch)*
Voodoo in My Blood (The Witch)*

* = I haven't seen the source, so -- definitely no source knowledge required
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[personal profile] innerbrat's U.S. is the post-Winter Soldier military-industrial complex vid I have always wanted. (Always = since May 2014 and more with every breath taken during attempts to watch Agents of SHIELD.)

I especially love the use of the "contagion" theme, the wider MCU footage (particularly Hulk, Agents of SHIELD, and Agent Carter), and how blood imagery is woven throughout.

(It also makes me aware of how often the MCU uses female double agents manipulating people, which, ugh.)
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VVC 2013 Playlist Post (The playlists will eventually link to the vid as hosted by the vidder, but these links may not be live yet.)

I haven't seen all the premiering vids yet, but of the ones I have seen, my favorites are:

[personal profile] rhoboat, Supremacy (James Bond) [Premieres]
This is the stand-out vid of the con for me. It makes me want to actually watch the second two Daniel Craig Bond films, even if it makes me want to watch them for Judi Dench and not Daniel Craig. But mostly it makes me want to watch it over and over and over again to figure out the exact details of how the action during the choruses is cut, because, guys, I want to figure it out. The movement and positioning here is phenomenal, and it's hooked to enough of a character study or emotional or narrative arc to keep me heavily invested.

[ profile] bananainpyjamas, I'm Not Superman (Lego Batman: DC Superheroes) [Premieres]
This is the most fun vid of the con for me. And it made me care about tiny plastic Batman's pain! It made me ship tiny plastic Batman and tiny plastic Superman! Tiny plastic Batman emotes way more than Christian Bale. Life is SO HARD for tiny plastic Batman.

[personal profile] ghost_lingering, Shepherds (Firefly/Serenity) [Challenge]
Full disclosure: I offered to beta this a while ago. I ... did not actually manage to send any beta comments.

Utterly compelling. Uses dialogue edited into a spoken word performance in a beautiful and rhythmic way to construct a backstory/autobiography for Book. It is short but feels incredibly full.

[personal profile] absolutedestiny, Age Like Wine (Multi) [Challenge]
For a few clips I thought this was the remix challenge, but it swiftly became clear it was a self-portrait. Though I do still think of it as a kind of remix of "Walking on the Ground."

[ profile] sockkpuppett, Retrograde (Beasts of the Southern Wild) [Premieres]
Leaves ripples in the water.

[personal profile] kass, Bathysphere (Fringe) [Also Premiering]
Briefly tempted me to watch Fringe again. Olivia Dunham: Still the best.

[personal profile] obsessive24, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Elementary) [Also Premiering]
Intense to the point of claustrophobia.

[ profile] destina, Sorrow (The Eagle) [Premieres]
A lovely and evocative mood piece.

[personal profile] shati, Total Eclipse of the Heartsword (Revolutionary Girl Utena) [Kareoke]
An accurate representation of Utena.

Not new, but new to me
Kitovraska, Loneliness (I Love You ... I'll Kill You) (Disney movies) [Brand-New Classic Hits]
The tragic romance of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Pogo, Alice (Disney remix) (Alice in Wonderland) [Brand-New Classic Hits]
I'm not sold on all the choices about repeated footage, but this is bizarre and dreamlike, not in the drifty floaty way but in the disturbing disjunctive way. Scraps of memory and scraps of meaning.
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Wiscon vid party premieres:

playlist, panel discussion

[personal profile] chaila, Keep the Streets Empty for Me (Twilight)
Bella is the peak predator.

[personal profile] prozacpark, Gingerbread Coffin (Pretty Little Liars)
Dolls are creepy.

[ profile] kiki_miserychic, Apr├Ęs Moi (Person of Interest)
If POI were the Shaw & Root show, I would be watching it.

Not a premiere, but I hadn't seen it before:
[personal profile] rhivolution, Fire and Water (Pumzi) [not yet up]
Water is life.

Marvel Cinematic Universe stories:
[ profile] hollimichelle, The Personal (Assistant) Is Political
Steve Rogers is an FDR Democrat. The modern media does not actually understand what an FDR Democrat is.

[ profile] Ael_tRlailiiu, Black Swans
I keep recommending this to people in person, then never sending them the follow-up email with links. This is a gen series about the Avengers solidifying as a team after the movie. (I'm calling this gen because it has about as much Tony/Pepper as the movies -- it's an important subplot, but it's not the point of the story.) My favorite of the set is the last one, A Higher Form of War, but I strongly recommend reading the whole thing in order. Each story stands alone, but in conjunction they form a very satisfying narrative arc.

[ profile] wolfinglet, your telescope eyes
Maya Hansen has a girlfriend, and also a history.


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