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Surprise Angel Coulby in the background of the crowd scenes in "The Parting of the Ways"!
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I have finished New Who! I also watched Torchwood: Children of Earth and then I tried to watch the Martha Jones episodes of Torchwood and got bored. Now I am rewatching Nine to see if Eccleston is as good as I remembered. (Yes.)

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Aug. 15th, 2010 07:44 pm
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My working theory for why the Doctor likes humans so much is that we remind him of baby Timelords.
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I have now seen Season Martha, Season Donna, the post-Season Donna specials, and part of Season Rose Mark Two.

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VVC 2010

Aug. 9th, 2010 06:10 pm
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Home! My left ear still has not popped.

My flight out got cancelled, so I missed all of Friday, including three panels I was excited about and most of Club Vivid and have still not seen any premieres except the Premieres show. (Which isn't even the majority of vids on the DVDs anymore! That is strangely awesome.) I am scouring the vividcon comm flist in hopes people will post notes. There was even more not-enough-time and not-getting-to-see-people than usual.

Friday, in-between fits of sulking about not being at Vividcon, I watched Dr. Who.

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So! I got to the con during Club Vivid and picked up my registration packet and cadged drinks from two separate people on the grounds that there was no wristband in my packet but I was sure I had paid for one. And indeed now that I have checked my email, I see that I was right. The Cosmo tasted like juice and the Tequila Sunrise also tasted like juice, but after the Cosmo I was mostly sober and after the Tequila Sunrise I was distinctly wobbly.

So then there was a con. Usually I am not quite burned out until I get to the Challenge and Auction vids, but this year I was burned out even before Premieres. Perhaps it was that I hadn't been able to get in vid-watching conditioning in Nearly New and Also Premiering the day before. Or perhaps it was that I was already in a state of vid aphasia on the two vids I'd been trying to work on, the kind of state where I not only can't think of what to do next, I can't tell if what I've done so far makes sense and I don't understand what makes you choose to put one clip next to the other and it feels kind of like I remember a few individual words but have lost the ability to understand or formulate English grammar. I can't read vids in that state, either, mostly. I let things wash over me and sometimes I laughed and sometimes I thought, "Oh, pretty," and mostly I enjoyed the lassitude of not attempting to understand or verbalize anything. It meant that I was strangely calm about being in the Premieres show for the first time -- I was convinced the entire day that I was just fooling myself that I was calm, and once it got closer to showtime I would tense up, and it got closer and it got closer and then it was part one of the show and then it was part two of the show, and then it was my vid and then it was over and I was still pretty calm. Last year in Nearly New I was a wreck, and that was for a vid that had already been out for nine months. From this I conclude that sloth is my friend and I should avoid alertness.

Now I will go watch my DVDs.


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