Aug. 17th, 2014

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  • I loved spending time with you, I am just too lazy to write up all the meals and conversations.

  • [personal profile] heresluck gave me emergency tomatoes.

  • I forced many people to watch the vid not in progress and say only encouraging things to me, and they delivered admirably. I am encouraged! The vid is in progress once again.

  • I did not accidentally sleep through panel slots this year! I have started transferring my notes from pen to pixels and have some hope of actually posting panel reports. I have panel ideas, even, but I will probably talk myself out of them by next year.

  • Maybe next year I will actually make it to a room party.

  • I really liked the Femslash vid show! The premieres were very good, it introduced me to a lot of shows I'll have to look up, and it had a mix of diverse vidding styles, instead of just the usual Vividcon/DW/LJ aesthetics. I'm always thrilled when vid shows introduce me to vidders whose work I haven't seen before.

  • The travel French press mug worked great. I'm definitely doing that again next year. Note: The water at the breakfast buffet isn't hot enough; boil it in the coffee maker in the room.

  • Possibly next year I should skip the Club Vivid wristband and just drink one of the bottles of cider I buy and too often leave untouched in the refrigerator.

  • And then [personal profile] laurashapiro and I discovered we were both planning to make Orphan Black vids to the same song.

  • Favorite new-to-me vids:

    • [personal profile] kiki_miserychic, I Do Adore (Adventure Time)
      ♥ ♥ ♥ Princess Bubblegum+Marceline the Scream Queen 4EVA!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    • [personal profile] rhoboat, Losing My Religion (The Hunger Games)
      This works beautifully with the audio to create an expectation of build that feels all the more tense when it doesn't happen. There's been a lot of discussion of whether the source is exploitative in its use of violence in the way it is trying to critique (I actually think it does a good job); this is a brilliant example of showing the devastating effects of violence without giving into the adrenaline rush.

    • Kitty, Lights and Thunder (Thor)
      I love the energy and the hopefulness of this. (I think this may be the smilingest MCU vid I've seen.)

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