starlady: (a sad tale's best)
Electra ([personal profile] starlady) wrote in [personal profile] thuviaptarth 2014-12-24 04:15 pm (UTC)

My process with AfterEffects goes something like this:

1. Open AfterEffects.
2. Realize I've forgotten how to make it do things and/or the theoretically simple thing I wanted to make it do is actually really complicated.
3. Google tutorials. Read and watch them obsessively while pausing to try to replicate the same thing in my own project.
4. It's not working? Why is it not working? It should be working! I'll just change things around and maybe it will work?
5. It worked! Cool!
6. Not use AfterEffects for long enough that I forget all over again.

It's interesting to read your remarks on Repetition--I think I see what you mean about reach vs. grasp, but it's a really interesting and chewy vid even if it didn't do everything you wanted it to do.

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