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1) He's from Agents of SHIELD. His name is Ace and he's Mike Peterson (J. August Richards)'s son.

2) Yeah, I don't think I would have made it after Winter Soldier. I didn't know about the HYDRA reveal, obviously, but the trailers made it clear that there was going to be some kind of critique of SHIELD, so I wanted to get the vid out before that. I don't think I could have sustained the will to do the vid if I'd already seen the movie.

Even though the vid and the movie are making overlapping rather than identical critiques, the vid would have felt redundant, or at least much less urgent.

What's really funny is that I actually thought about equating the US and SHIELD to HYDRA -- all those jackbooted thugs! -- and I have the notes and emails to prove it. I decided against it because (1) I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to argue that the US was morally equivalent to Nazis; (2) HYDRA is silly; (3) I wanted to keep the vid more firmly grounded in the real-world aspects of the MCU. (I mean, there are still flying robot suits and green giants, but the focus is on the US military-industrial complex rather than imaginary Nazis and Norse gods.)

I am torn between feeling prescient and feeling like a cop-out. I have issues with how the HYDRA presence was dealt with, but Marvel was in fact willing to equate the NSA/US security apparatus to Nazis. So kudos for the nerve.

My potential Winter Soldier vid wouldn't be covering the same ground. It would be neat if there were a vid that dealt with how Winter Soldier undercut its own critique (not to mention how Agents of SHIELD contradicted it entirely), but I don't think I'll be the person to make it. I only seem to get that kind of metanarrative critque idea every five years or so. Sometimes I toy with making a vid about body modification and masculinity in the MCU (I even have two audio tracks that could work!), but I'm not sure what I have to say that I didn't already say in the bridge to "Hey Ho".

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