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Vidding meme: Revisions

[personal profile] kiki_miserychic asked: How many times do you usually revise your vid before posting?

Like a lot of other people who have posted, I do lots of revising while drafting, but don't do that many full drafts. Two to four, maybe. I generally don't consider it a draft until I have a full timeline, and for most vids the bulk of the work occurs in completing the first draft.

This bears no resemblance to how I number my drafts, because I bump up the version number whenever I do a new audio edit or change the idea drastically, and increase the decimal point for every new build. But I do a build pretty much daily, or at least every weekday I make changes, so I can obsessively rewatch the vid on my phone and take notes during my commute and/or lunch hour. Sometimes I also look at older versions just to remind myself I have progressed, even if it doesn't feel like it. "Hey Ho," for example, has something like thirty or forty builds, but only two drafts. Today the current vid is numbered v3.10 for tracking purposes and I've done 24 builds, but I'm still working on the first draft.

(Too much minutia? I am fascinated with the minute details of other people's process, down to things like the invisible tracks of clips above the current selection and whether or not they put notes on the timeline.)

I, um, also usually do minor revisions in the two weeks after posting, because I keep noticing things I missed before. Timing tweaks, mostly. I should probably just wait those two weeks before posting, but I am never patient enough. Also, posting has magical properties that enable me to see typos, grammatical mismatches, and timing errors that I could not see beforehand. That is my story. Yes.
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Omg it's so reassuring to know that other people continue to tweak their vids in the weeks after posting! There's something about putting a vid online - it doesn't matter how many BAJILLIONS of times I've watched it and shown it to people first, AS SOON as I put it online I start to notice completely new nitpicky things (as you say - usually timing things, but sometimes other things too) that I am 100% certain nobody else would ever have noticed, and feel the need to change them.
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Yep. Though sometimes if I'm feeling really picky I'll replace the streaming version too. (I use vimeo which lets you do that, whilst keeping all the stats and links the same). I'm so happy to know that other people do this too!
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Definitely not too much minutiae! I like reading the details of other vidders' process as well.

I like the idea of different drafts and builds. Do you do a full export of each build? Does disc space become an issue? Do you save all those different builds even after the vid is finished?

Sometimes I also look at older versions just to remind myself I have progressed, even if it doesn't feel like it.

That's a good idea. Lately for disc space purposes I've been only keeping my most recent export, but I can totally see how comparing older versions would be a confidence/motivation booster at times.