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thuvia ptarth ([personal profile] thuviaptarth) wrote2014-09-09 11:58 pm

Vidding meme: What you'd do differently

[personal profile] shati asked: Choose a section from one of your earlier vids and talk about whether and how you'd do it differently now.

This annoys me every time I watch "Riot Act" and now it can annoy you, too:

The slowed-down stroke of the brush through Riley's hair should be on the drawn-out second syllable of "believe". It was there originally and then I messed around with the clip timing because one of my betas felt like that made it look like "you" was Jesse. I'm not sure why I felt like I couldn't shift some of the after clips before, but now it's off, and some of the clips around it don't fall in quite the right place. It's all a little off.

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