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Title: Wriggle
Fandom: UnREAL
Music: clipping.
Length: 2:20

Summary: Wriggle like an eel.

Notes: For [personal profile] anoel for [community profile] festivids 2016. Many thanks to [personal profile] chaila and [personal profile] springgreen for superfast beta at a superinconvenient time. ♥ ♥ ♥

Content notes: Migraine triggers (flashing images, sharp contrasts, jerky motion), violence, misogyny, mental illness, emotional abuse, eating disorders, suicide.

Password: Festividz!

Download: mp4 1920x800 (107MB) | mp4 960x400 (33MB) | Subtitles

Elsewhere: AO3 | DW | LJ | Tumblr

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Out of all the great Festivids I've watched so far, these are the ones that've stuck with me most:

Love God Herself (Bitch Planet)
You're So Beautiful (The Get Down)*
Tanz aus der Reihe (Ku'damm 56)*
A New Day (Luke Cage)
The Greatest (Pitch)*
Voodoo in My Blood (The Witch)*

* = I haven't seen the source, so -- definitely no source knowledge required
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I was going to start off with fandoms I knew, but then I got overwhelmed and started clicking at random. Here are some festivids I particularly liked, some for fandoms I know and some not:

Serpent Charmer (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford)
Staccato seduction.

O Death (The Book of Eli)
The arrow. I mean -- the arrow!

Last Chance Texaco (Caprica)
Grief and connections.

Space Oddity (Community)
... I guess I have to watch this show now.

I'm Your Man (Jekyll)
Love is a monster.

Illumination (Joseon X-Files)
I had no idea the show's title was so literal. Also, this is so gorgeous -- I think I've rewatched it more than any vid that wasn't made for me.

Beat Control (Lilo and Stitch)
Made me so happy I almost cried.

Truth Is In the Dirt (V - 2009)
Creepy and clever.
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So! Lately people have made me some brilliant things!

First, [ profile] futuresoon wrote me Must Be Something in the Air, a pitch-perfect Diana Wynne Jones' Derkholm story set after The Year of the Griffin. I have such a soft spot for The Year of the Griffin ! I love that it is a class of misfit students banding together against their teachers, and that the problem is that the teachers are not teaching hard enough. The students are there to learn things, you know! There should be more studying and tougher exams! It is maybe a little too shallow and quick, and I want more of everybody in it, and yet I find it some pleasant and comforting -- maybe because I want more of everybody in it. But especially I want more of plain, sensible Claudia, who fixes everyone's problems, whom Blade falls in love with suspiciously quickly. And it's not exactly that I object to this, because I too find Claudia immensely loveable, it's that, well, it kind of happens in two paragraphs and off-stage. So futuresoon wrote me an episode from Blade's courtship of Claudia, and it contains marsh food and mention of Lydia's divine snacks and Blade being clever and also taking advantage of parental connections, and it mentions everybody and it is just awesome.

Then! There is Festivids! For which I got two amazing vids about relationships between women.

For Huge, [Anonymous #1] made me In the Sun, a Becca character study that puts her relationship with Will in the context of her other relationships--with Chloe, with Alastair, and, not least of all, herself. It captures both Becca's shyness and her self-assertion and, perhaps best of all, there are lots of clips of her reading.

For Nikita (2010), [Anonymous #2] made me Threnody, a study of the connections between--and mirroring of--Nikita and Alex. It is simultaneously epic and tender, it is gorgeous and thoughtful, and it has Maggie Q blowing stuff up.
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Dear Festividder,

Thank you for making a vid for me! I am sure that whatever it is, I will like it. In general, I would much rather you have fun than strictly follow my suggestions -- I am open to whatever you want to vid about. Even where I pick out favorite characters, I generally love most of the cast.

So please -- have a good time.



P.S. to world: Treat vids are awesome, too. :)

P.S. 2 - I don't have any triggers you need to worry about, and I like a lot more different kinds of music than is probably apparent from my own vids so far. Just use whatever you think fits the vid best. :)

My requests (Caprica, The Cat People/The Curse of the Cat People, Huge, Janelle Monae videos, The Middleman, My Chemical Romance videos, Nikita, The Runaways) )
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I forgot to include Nikita (2010) in my Festivids nominations. But at least I found this neat Alex/Nikita flashfic about eroticism and trust.
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Happy Valentine's Day.

With all my heart

Title: No Skin
Fandom: The Inside
Music: The Golden Palominos, "No Skin"
Length: 1:41
Warnings: Violence, including sexual violence against women and children; BDSM equipment used in situations of dubious consensuality and indubitably skeevy power dynamics. See "Background" for more information.
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] elynross, [ profile] geekturnedvamp, [personal profile] rivkat, and [personal profile] lithiumdoll for beta. All comments & feedback welcome.

Summary: Everyone I see is missing something.

Download: AVI 640x360 (27MB) | Subtitles (2K)

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I am having problems with backdating and getting things to show up in the proper place, so here, have links to the proper vid announcements posts. I made:

Etheric Messages (Fringe) for [ profile] charmax
Names (Vampire Diaries) for [ profile] greensilver

eta: Also, I owe Chaila, Sweetestdrain, and Anoel vidlets, so name your poison fandoms and prompts and possibly I will finish them before 2011, but I make no promises.
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Title: Etheric Messages
Fandom: Fringe
Music: Natacha Atlas, "Etheric Messages"
Length: 2:08
Recipient: [ profile] charmax for [ profile] festivids (original post)
Notes: Thank you to [ profile] counteragent, [personal profile] laurashapiro, and [personal profile] lithiumdoll for beta, and to [personal profile] nestra for assuring me I wasn't missing the beat and A. for providing the initial translation.

Summary: The recruitment of Olivia Dunham.

Note: This has been slightly revised since going up for [ profile] festivids.

Download: AVI 720x480 (69MB) | AVI 640x360 (30MB) | Subtitles (1K)

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Title: Names
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Music: "The First Time" by Rose Polenzani
Length: 1:00
Recipient: [ profile] greensilver for [ profile] festivids (original post)
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] rivkat and [ profile] shati for speedy beta.

Summary: Bonnie character study. My mother and her mother before her.

Note: This has been slightly revised since it was posted for [ profile] festivids.

Download: AVI 640X360 (8MB) | Subtitles (1K)

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(Um, also full of gore, violence, animal harm, cannibalism, and really bad werewolf costumes. Why do I love this so much again? Oh, yeah, 'cause BRILLIANT and also ♥ ♥ ♥ SISTERS ♥ ♥ ♥)
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Oh, god, I think I have been watching vids for three and a half hours straight, my eyes are going to fall out. And I haven't commented, not even more than a placeholder for MY VID MINE MINE FOR ME!!, because I can't put reactions together.

But so far, these are my (other) favorites:

Past in Present (Chak De! India)
Mother Mary (China Beach)
Never Be (Criminal Minds)
Me & My 424 (Dark Angel)
Body and Soul (Legend of the Seeker)
You Belong with Me (Lois & Clark)
Feel It (So You Think You Can Dance)
Meddle (The Vampire Diaries)

And I have only seen, hmm, the source for two of these vids. So, you know, canon knowledge not required.

I have been playing mad guessing games about who did which vid in my head, but I am not sharing because I'm not sure everyone would like to play. I will be keeping private score, though! By which I mean that I will remember all the ones I got right and forget all the ones I got wrong and convince myself that I am skilled at identifying vidders purely by style.

ETA: Ahaha. Okay. So as per Yuletide tradition, if you guess which vid I made, I will make you at least a 30-second vidlet for a fandom TBD. Mods and betas are disqualified. No responses before the reveal.
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I am currently compiling the third version of my festivid I will be uploading. This is why I was so glad when the move to AO3 meant you could correct your own Yuletide stories, see.

I would be so much better off if I could be forced to wait a week after I've finished before posting any vids or stories, but I don't have the patience for it. I want immediate gratification and I want it now!
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I was vidding at midnight, which I hope will be an omen for the coming year, and I woke up this morning with pink-eye, which I hope will not.

My wonderful writers were the mysterious white hart for The Forest (The Decemberists' Hazards of Love) and the hard-working [personal profile] yhlee for Thousand Voices, One Fight (Janelle Monae's Metropolis: The Chase Suite). Yoon also made me a music video!!!! I am so overwhelmed.

I wrote The Certainties (The Decemberists' Hazards of Love; some Childe ballads also sneaked in, but you can't really tell them from the rest of the album unless you're looking). Unbeta'd, sadly, because my three potential betas fell through, but that is always a risk with pinch hits, as is ambition too grand for the time to write it in. The recipient was very gracious, though, and I was happy to see she had a bunch of full-size stories from people who'd been inspired by her prompts on the pinch hit list.

If you need a Festivids beta, I'm available through the deadline. Email me at thuviaptarth at gmail dot com.
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So I was reading my flist and there was a post lamenting the lack of fic for a festivids pairing and two posts mourning over post-VVC vid block, and of course there is also my post whining about how it is SO HARD to do festivids and Yuletide at the same time, and anyway this is my MAD GENIUS PROPOSAL which I suspect will go over way better with people who vid and fic than with people who just vid:

So this is my proposal: In 2010, we should start Festivids RIGHT AFTER VVC. Or maybe a little after. Like, September nominations and signup and November delivery. This way people can break the post-VVC block because PRESENTS! IN TINY FANDOMS! WITH A ONE-MINUTE MINIMUM! And this way also when you are requesting fiction for your teeny-tiny fandom for Yuletide, you can point to an illustration of just how awesome your teeny-tiny fandom source is. People who have not previously encountered your teeny-tiny fandom source may be inspired to try it out and/or sign up for it. (That was the year I finally got a Revengers Tragedy story for Yuletide. It's worked at least once! That is totally scientific proof.)

More vids, more fic, widely separate deadlines. It's the best of all possible worlds.
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Guys, unless my canon beta points out something I have to change, I think I am done! This may be the earliest before deadline I have ever finished anything ever.

I am not sure if I am going to be doing either Yuletide or Festivids next year, but I definitely am not doing them both if they overlap so much again. It is too nerve-wracking.
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If you want to claim a Yuletide pinch hit, read this [read this]:

Please boost the signal on this:

We have a backup list for pinch hitting, called yuletidepinchhitters! You can join at the website, if you have a Yahoo account, or by email:

To subscribe to a group's mailing list via email:

Send a blank email to To activate your subscription, just reply to the confirmation message you receive from the group.

I wanted to finish a draft before Yuletide Madness -- okay, I wanted to finish a draft by last Friday -- but yesterday I looked at my three-quarters complete timeline and hated it all so much that I created a new project for my backup song and stared at it a long time before admitting there was no possible way I could complete that vid by the deadline. So I went back to the original project and stayed up till 2am revising the first half and now I am much happier with it but the planned ending won't work and I have no idea what will. Also, I am afraid it won't meet the only and perfectly reasonable Details request my recipient made. I am so sad. I want to make them happy!
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  1. Fanvid Love Meme
    No panic. I am resigned to being the world's slowest commenter and trying to hit two or three people per day. I am choosing who to comment on by arcane metrics involving whether or not I've left you feedback in the past two years. So, you know, no comments doesn't mean I don't love your work.

    (ETA: This doesn't mean you have to comment on me! I am feeling much more competent than last week. Two weeks ago. Whatever.)

  2. Yuletide
    I told myself I would default if I had nothing by the morning of December 10, and I had nothing by the morning of December 10. I am now feeling so relieved I am thinking of doing my original assignment and a bunch of pinch hits as Treats. But I make no promises.

    Do not worry, Yuletide writer! I will comment on your story anyway. I am sorry you got stuck with such a slacker, though.

  3. Festivids
    I was doing my thorough, foresighted, and carefully labeled pre-clipping by scene and theme, the way I do for any fandom I think I might vid more than once, and I was feeling bored and overwhelmed and pressured by the deadline and not sure I could manage even a vidlet by the deadline and having second thoughts about the vid idea and wondering if I should go with the backup song, which was probably too long for me to complete in the time allotted but had a much more solid idea, and -- then I said, "Fuck it," and ditched the pre-clipping in favor of tossing things I knew I'd want on the timeline and going from there. I feel much happier now. Also much more likely to have something workable by the deadline.

    I used to like deadlines because they forced me to produce things, but I am rethinking this. I am not as inspired by adrenaline rushes as I used to be.
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Predictably, I have urgent ideas for things that do not have deadlines. ::shakes fist at the heavens::

Also, I have Google Wave invites if anybody wants. I ... am still not quite sure what it's for.


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