Better Call Saul 3.07

May. 23rd, 2017 05:35 pm
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Yep, Saul Goodman has most definitely arrived.

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Looking for Plotty Fanfiction Recs

May. 22nd, 2017 09:13 am
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I am looking for recs of long, plotty fanfiction stories. Gen preferred but not necessary. I do not want A/B/O or D/S universes.

AU is more than okay, crossovers are okay, kidfic is okay. Curtain fic is okay. I like found family stories a lot.

It doesn't matter if you think I've already read it, I might want to read it again.

Preferable fandoms: MCU, Marvel comicsverse, Harry Potter, Stargate: Atlantis, Check, Please!

I also read SW: The Force Awakens, Sherlock, Supernatural, Stargate, all flavors of Star Trek, Inception, and Merlin (mostly AUs).

Feel free to rec anything else you think I might like, regardless of fandom.


American Gods 1.04.

May. 22nd, 2017 02:29 pm
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In which it becomes apparant why Bryan Fuller delayed a certain reveal as much as he did.

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fiber monday

May. 21st, 2017 08:00 pm
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Status: Tidblad for MIL is nearly at midpoint. ___Sand has two completed sleeves and the right shoulder width!! Body is paused for a break near 70% to let my finger heal: half-cotton yarn and a tendency to push the working needle back through = callus, stress-burst skin, and a bit of a bruise beneath them. Oops.

Having attempted to sew exactly zero of the patterns for tops that I've eyed since two years ago, I've renewed contemplation of knitting some: not cardigans but the layer beneath, as complement to the few cotton buttondowns left from grad-school teaching, the few linen buttondowns bought since (pricier), and the usually plain T-shirts to which I still default.

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It's fine to have more ideas than time: beats boredom.

Still drawing occasionally

May. 21st, 2017 02:36 pm
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Here are a couple of pieces I did for my art class, combination of Prismacolor pencils and pastels.

Click for larger images.

Update on Me

May. 21st, 2017 12:26 pm
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I am still waiting on my pre-ordered copy of Megan Whalen Turner's Thick as Thieves. *taps foot*

Otherwise, Elderly Cat is being kept at the vet for a day or so to get fluids but is not in imminent danger; roomie (owner of the cat) is back early Wednesday, and Usual Catsitter is taking care of the cat issues in the interim, so I won't be going crazy trying to deal with that when I leave for WisCon early Thursday. As in, getting up at 4:00 AM for my flight.

I am mostly packed for WisCon, at least I have stacked stuff in the suitcase, checked over my toiletries, etc.. Today I need to check the weather forecast for Madison, to make sure I've chosen appropriate clothing. Other than that, I need to call for a taxi that morning, get cash, and write down some panel notes.

Bestie is coping okay with her mom's death for the nonce, while planning a memorial service her mom would have really enjoyed. I will miss it, since I'll be at WisCon, but I've been helping her out with various things this week, and that's plenty of closure for me. Plus, I'll be there when it's all over and her sibs have gone home, which is going to be a harder time, I predict.

The three days of dayjob before I leave are going to be packed, as we are starting our fiscal year closing process.

The Adorable Tots are back this evening and I am going to squeeze them like an anaconda.

Doctor Who 10.06

May. 21st, 2017 04:14 pm
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I've found a Bill icon!

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some things

May. 20th, 2017 09:15 pm
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* If pre-Bronze Age mitteleuropäisch archaeology interests you (the chunk preceding what's sometimes called Hallstatt culture), check out

* Osugi Ren, a solid character-actor who seems to work regularly, plays the eponymous father in a new jdrama called Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no otōsan (father of light). Summary: Ren's character takes slightly early retirement after a work-focused life, and he and his son bond while playing FF14.

I would like to know who or what has jumped a shark here, but not enough to try to watch the show.

* [personal profile] skygiants has pointed out that I Hear Your Voice seems to have a subtext of Ace Attorney characters and lines. Reading recaps for the first two hours' worth of Suspicious Partner (now broken into four eps instead of two due to the introduction of midpoint commercial breaks), I wonder---it seems to have a similar evocation.

* I'm convincing myself slowly to pick up Persona 4 again, this time to finish it. The game's internal calendar follows the (Japanese) school year; I've played from April through sometime in fall on a PS2, then restarted (P4Golden) on a Vita and played from April till a bit shy of December break. Both saved games remain available, but I'm much more likely to use a Vita during summertime than an old-style, extra heat-generating PS3---which also makes P4G more attractive than the recently released Persona 5.

* If I do resume P4G, I'll continue not watching tv. :P Kinkyū torishirabeshitsu S2 is emerging; Star Trek: Discovery---which partner seems to want to watch more than I do---doesn't start till the fall. Or perhaps I'll keep playing Bonza National Geographic, a word game plus occasional jigsaw puzzle for smartphones, and reading syndicated feeds. I'd rather regain a tolerance for reading books. I have a book post for Wed, actually, after writing briefly about a book read more than a month ago, but it's the very last queued post. *whistles*

* Still sort of coughing---noticeably less even than last week. Zeno's paradox lives. Let's see how I do with three nights of single parenting before I declare the pneumonia gone.

Black Sails recs

May. 20th, 2017 08:13 pm
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Both have spoilers for all four seasons.

A place of our own: Anne heals and adjusts to the new world, post show. Great Anne Bonny exploration, and her relationships with both Max and Jack are well presented.

Letters of Marque: brief messages written between Thomas, Miranda and James at different points of their lives. Short and heartbreaking.

A DIY hair color question

May. 20th, 2017 09:42 am
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Hey all! I'm dying my hair green tonight or tomorrow. The only green at Ulta was Splat Deep Emerald, which is a bluer green than I wanted, so I also picked up the yellowest blonde in the store, which was L'Oreal Superior Preference 8G. This is considered one of their non-bleaching colors but still contains some hydrogen peroxide.

I've never used a dye that contained bleach before. The Splat comes with a separate bleach product for stripping the hair, but it's meant to be applied and rinsed out before the dye goes on.

I have bronze-ish light brown hair--golder than mouse, but about the same saturation and lightness. If I want to use the L'Oreal blonde to change the hue of the Splat green, should I still do the separate bleaching stage, and then apply both colors after? Apply the blonde dye first and the green over that? Or mix them and apply them together with no pre-bleaching? I don't want to overbleach my hair, but I'm worried that the bleach in the L'Oreal on its own won't strip my hair enough for the green to take.

The Americans 5.11.

May. 19th, 2017 01:31 pm
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Watching a show about Russian spies set in the 80s is increasingly weird when contrasted with the current day reality. If only the KGB had known back then how incredibly easy it is to get the entire Republican party to do their bidding…

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Catching up on The Magicians

May. 18th, 2017 08:44 pm
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(doesn't even bother to cut since no one cares about spoilers for this show)

...then thinks better of it, just in case. )

Do I dare watch the SPN two-parter? I'm not sure. But I've reached a level of general life stress where I'm literally incapable of doing anything but watch escapist television, so, maybe.
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The retirement story!

A Year In Toussaint (30737 words) by astolat
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Geralt of Rivia/Emhyr var Emreis
Characters: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Emhyr var Emreis, Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Barnabas-Basil Foulty, Anna Henrietta, Sir Palmerin, Iocaste
Additional Tags: Retirement, Toussaint - Freeform, Wine, Corvo Bianco
Series: Part 6 of Witcher works

Geralt had no damn idea what to do with a vineyard when Anna Henrietta gave him Corvo Bianco, but he figured it couldn’t be that bad.

Doing Okay.

May. 18th, 2017 02:46 pm
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I had sleep last night and wow did I feel better this morning. I did take two Benadryl to get the sleep, but hopefully that won't be dangerous. I skipped the gym on Wednesday.

Getting stuff done at the dayjob. I am off tomorrow to help out a friend, and going to a concert tomorrow evening.

Goals for the weekend:

1. Laundry.

2. Write review.

3. Pack for WisCon.

Nonfiction: abortion and other things

May. 18th, 2017 09:24 am
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About abortion )

The Holocaust )

Laurie D. Ferreiro, Brothers at Arms: The role of the French and Spanish in American independence. So trans-Atlantic it hurts—but it’s a new angle for me on the Revolution, which is really about how it fit into Continental power politics and often about how frustrating the French (and to a more limited extent the Spanish) found the fractious colonists, who could help them only if they committed to independence.

Tyranny and power )

Paul K. Conkin, A Revolution Down on the Farm: Over about a century, the US went from a rural economy in which one farm could support a few families to an urban one in which one farm supports hundreds. This was the result of huge changes in production methods and productivity. Conkin tells the story of farm policy, focusing on federal policy supporting farmers in various ways, throughout that time.
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The new Alien

May. 18th, 2017 07:32 pm
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I saw Alien: Covenant on the weekend, and gosh, it made me so happy. It delivered even more than I could have hoped for! Spoilers )

I guess I had a couple of fears going into Alien: Covenant – one being that they would try aggressively to get away from Prometheus (which they didn’t do), and the second being that they wouldn’t, and everyone would be really mean about it and I’d have to listen to them being mean when actually I’d liked it.

Instead, even people who think Prometheus is worse than Alien3 seem to have liked Alien: Covenant. Everyone wins!

wednesday reading, and politics

May. 17th, 2017 07:31 pm
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politics is beginning to feel like joining a pre-existing years-old fandom: you have to pay attention in order to follow the conversation, but there's just TOO MUCH. And unlike tv, it's not actually fun to watch, unless you're really into schadenfreude.

So, Wednesday reading instead.

Just finished: Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel. I liked it, but I wish we'd been able to get more about Suor Marie Celeste and her inner life, instead of only how much she loved and supported her father. But it was also interesting to get a lot more detail about how Galileo's research and his trial went down. Worth reading, not least because it was one of the books I gave Dad in the last few years. When we cleaned out his apartment, I kept the books I'd given him.

Now reading: The Count of Monte Christo by Dumas. I'm not quite halfway through, and despite [personal profile] veejane's promises, I have yet to meet the swashbuckling lesbians. It's alternately entertaining and boring, but I have to power through.

Also now reading Thick as Thieves because Megan Whalen Turner! I love pre-ordering something and having it just show up on my Kindle. I'm halfway through, really enjoying it, finding it very Turner-esque, with the POV character who doesn't know things that the reader does -- and probably the other way around, as well. It's very good so far.

Up next: Probably Rebel by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith ([personal profile] rachelmanija and [personal profile] sartorias), volume 3 of their entertaining post-apocalypse YA series.


Back to politics: if you want something else to get upset about, the Senate is voting soon on the Regulatory Accountability Act, which is a bald-faced attempt to cripple environmental and workplace protections for American workers and residents. Check out that chart! My one consolation is that it's so onerous that it will be just as difficult for the Trump administration to roll back regulations they don't like as it will be to pass ones that would do good in the world.

I know this is boring, but the Administrative Procedure Act is one of the most important laws we have: it gives citizens and interest groups the right to participate in the rule-making process, and to challenge government actions that are complete bullshit. This is the law that lets Earthjustice and the Center for Biological Diversity sue the federal government for not protecting endangered species, or failing to regulate for climate change. It's vital to administrative transparency.

The new amendment would:
1. Require agencies to choose the lowest-cost alternative (cost to whom? I wonder);
2. Forbid courts from deferring to federal agencies' scientific expertise;
3. Impose an absurdly baroque system for implementing any regulations; and
4. Tilt the playing field in favor of big-money corporate interests rather than the public good.

Call, fax, email, or text your Senators. This is likely to pass without much public attention, and it's really fucking important.

S. 951, The Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017. Watch for it.

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