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I'm really glad the importance of Pepper and Rhodey came through! I wanted to emphasize the way the narrative does offer an alternative to the Rugged Individualist "I did it all by myself with a box of scraps" Tony that shows up in a lot of fanon. I would never say that the Rugged Individualist/Great Man narrative isn't in the source, but there is a countering narrative in how the movies explicitly stress the importance of connections and united effort. People rightfully make a big deal of Pepper killing Killian in IM3, but she actually pulls the lever/presses the button that takes out Obadiah in IM1. In Iron Man 2, Rhodey explicitly calls Tony on his "lone gunslinger crap" and the climax of the movie has the two of them working together to take out Whiplash, with a maneuver they discovered while fighting each other earlier in the movie. (That said, I wouldn't recommend you re-watch the first two movies. It is really astonishing how much less of a jerk Tony is in The Avengers and IM3.)

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