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Vidding meme: comfort zone

[personal profile] shati asked: Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-vid.

Depressing female character study.

(I was very pleased when I managed to move on to endings full of grim determination and/or unease. My first two vids ended with the subjects dead.)

My theory, from the last couple of years of Vividcon panels, is that most people have a Platonic idea of a vid that shapes how they theorize about vids. It may not be conscious, and it doesn't mean that this is the only kind of vid a person makes, but their Theory of Vidding is best adapted to a particular type of vid: ship vids, meta vids, ensemble vids. The Theories tend to work better when the theorizer makes sure to test them against other types of vids, including ones they themselves wouldn't make.

My Platonic vid is a character study. Character studies are what made me fall in love with vids, and they are pretty much all I expected to make. When I look at my list of prospective vid ideas, most of them are character studies, and the ideas for vids that aren't character studies are generally newer. It is unsettling to realize that I've now done three vids in a row that aren't character studies. I miss them. Fortunately, I am working on a character study now. Shockingly, it is neither about a female character nor depressing.

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Depressing female character studies are my fave vids to watch.
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Well I just don't know what would possibly make you think that! :D
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Okay, yes, that does sound like a typical you-vid. Vids are so good for character studies, too.

This is interesting! especially because I think I've heard more than one Theory of Vids that left me totally confused. Now I'm trying (and failing) to figure out my own Platonic idea of a vid.