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More Doctor Who

I have finished New Who! I also watched Torchwood: Children of Earth and then I tried to watch the Martha Jones episodes of Torchwood and got bored. Now I am rewatching Nine to see if Eccleston is as good as I remembered. (Yes.)

More thoughts on Who that Who fandom has probably already discussed
Watching things all out of order makes the character arc clearer, if anything, and also makes the continuity between Nine and Ten stronger; a lot of the weirdness between Ten and Rose probably shakes out to trying to get Ten up to where Nine was too quickly, so Davies could go on with the arcs he wanted. So far, also, he's either less prone to grandiloquent speeches with Nine or Eccleston delivers them better. A lot of later Ten falls into the same problem as Buffy Season Seven, which is that as many intradiegetic reasons as you may have to make your protagonist's speeches boring and/or questionable, you are in trouble when you bore your audience.

Really I think the biggest problem with Davies' writing on Who (okay, except for the ridiculous plotting) is that he inclines towards tragedy and the regeneration structure of Who inclines towards comedy. It's a mismatch which shows the hand of the author too much when he gets too far from bittersweet romance (Shakespearian, I mean). Torchwood: Children of Earth may not work as a continuation of the Torchwood series, but it works fine as a miniseries on its own. Even Captain Jack's truly terrible acting isn't too much of a handicap, because the series really revolves around Frobisher. I'm not sure what the series' ultimate take on Frobisher is (I certainly don't agree that he's a good man, but I'm not sure how reliable I'm meant to consider his secretary), but damn, the actor delivered.

I get the impression it is unfashionable now, but I do think Ten/Rose are as adorable as a hat full of kittens. And I do adore all of Davies' major companions--I do warm up faster to the emotional intensity of his writing than I do to Moffett's more technically proficient and profoundly better plotted stuff. Though I grant Moffett got me there in the end, and without the drama queen hangover.
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You are making me want to watch it all over again.
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That is my totally favorite sequence.

I got to meet the guy who wrote "Dalek" at Readercon though I didn't know it was him until the next day.
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Ten+Rose = Kittens for sure, and somehow I can get there without judgment (something about Who operates entirely in my squee zone and outside of my critical zone -- while watching, anyway). Yet I am not at all unaware of the pretty serious problems with it. Hence "The Lonely People".

Moar unpopular opinions: I LOVE CHILDREN OF EARTH LIKE BURNING. Largely because of Frobisher (my god, what a performance) but I actually kind of love the writing, too. Even when it's stupid and wrong, I feel like it's stupid and wrong in the right way, somehow.

John Barrowman, I adore you, but you should be on a big stage, not a small screen.

I do find myself vulnerable to RTD's emotional intensity, yes, but I don't think he's cornered the market on that. Moffat has shown he can bring it, too (Blink! Silence in the Library! Vincent and the Doctor!), but he focuses on different emotions. Likewise, Moffat is capable of story problems rivaling the RTD era (I'm looking at you, Victory of the Daleks).

In conclusion: Who is love.
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I saw your remarks on "Vincent and the Doctor" elsewhere, so I knew that. We differ. (: But I was citing it just in terms of emotional intensity, which I think it's fair to say it does have, whether you like the way it's executed or not.

Re COE: I'm not sure I buy humanity getting saved, either. But yeah, I watched the whole thing as Frobisher's story -- in this way I agree with TW fans who hated it: it did not feel like Torchwood -- and I ate it up with a big spoon. Must rewatch.

Good point about the weeping angels. I thought a lot of their original concept fell apart in the two-parter (we should never have seen them move!). While the new thing, about the image of an angel is an angel, is scary as hell, it also kind of falls apart the more you look at it.

I think RTD's deal with plotting on Who (and I have to say I don't find this to be true for his other shows much if at all) is that he cares much more about bringing the audience to a specific emotional place than bringing them to a narrative one.

And it's really Jack Harkness I love, not John Barrowman. And Jack Harkness on DW, not on TW, where I find him okay at best. I miss the Jack Harkness I fell for.
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Liking Ten/Rose is definitely unfashionable, but *squees over them anyway*.