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Why does Premiere crash so much when I try to vid Supernatural? It cannot possibly crash every three minutes for other people. I've chopped up my AVS files and made subclips and divided the projects into subprojects less than a minute long and reset the memory with the AVS plugin and everything. I just want (a) no crashing; (b) all my source available to me in one project. You would not think this would be too much to ask.

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Obv I'm using a different version of Premiere and I'm not using AVS, but I've gone through three or four different computers using Adobe Premiere, and basically it stopped crashing once I got a computer with a ton of memory.
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I ... don't know. I don't remember. I just remember it was more than I had before and it stopped crashing. How do I tell?

I'm pretty sure I don't have 64-bit windows, though.
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It says 3.25 GB RAM - so I guess it's not your RAM. Huh.
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Maybe it's the virtual memory? Go ahead and make it double or triple what your ram is and restart and see what happens. (It can be found in the same place as the RAM info.)
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Okay, that... scares me. I can't do it now in any case - actually working! :-)
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It cannot possibly crash every three minutes for other people.

I can't even add anything to my current project without Premiere choking.
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What version of Premiere are you running? Some are flakier than others, alas.

Also, what codec are you using for your source clips? Premiere gets incredibly pissy about codecs it doesn't like.

Okay, I have scrolled back through your vidding tag and see that you're using CS3. That may be your problem; I know someone who had equally horrid problems with crashing on CS3 (and she had a 64-bit version of Windows, so that probably isn't the solution), and she wound up upgrading to CS4 to fix it.

CS4 is much, much more stable, if you can afford the upgrade (which doesn't help much if you can't, obviously. Sorry!) (annnnnd they've moved on to CS5 by now, of course, but that's still upgradable from CS3 according to the handy-dandy upgrade requirement chart.)
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